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Coupling Up


If you’re tired of grafting and getting pied, up your game with Coupling Up. It’s all about the banter. Keep your options open, see who's your type, go for a chat and crack on!

Coupling Up


Find the worldie that your head turns for. No need to hideaway! Get to know them and see if you have a connection. If you do, you’ll be the next one saying hello date night.

Coupling Up


We don’t think dating should be difficult. At Coupling Up it is what it is. We keep it simple. There's no pressure, join our vast network of singles and see what happens…

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"We met at the end of April. Our first date was in a pub and it was love at first sight. We have now moved in together and I'm living with the perfect girl! We both love music, so are off to lots of festivals later in the summer."

Simon and Kelly-Jo

"Paddy and I had our first date after emails and texting each other for a couple of weeks. Needless to say that on the night we first met each other in person, we were both filled with nerves. There was no need to feel nervous though as the date went really well. We officially became a couple in April!"

Leanne and Paddy

Say hello to date night

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There’s never been a better time to go dating, but we get it - there’s so many options out there it’s tough to know where to start, and we expect you’ve tried a few other sites already. Why not give Coupling Up a go? Here’s how it works:

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